For our intermediate classes at Green Wave Surf Bali we require you to be comfortable getting out back to the green waves in small conditions. We run these sessions with a coaching philosophy rather than teaching lessons, and build it around you. We note and correct mistakes throughout the lessons to ensure you progress quickly.

Before we go down to the water we will quickly revisit the basics covered in our Beginner lessons and then move on to explaining intermediate maneuvers such as how to turn. The rest of the lesson will be spent in the water out back, putting into practice what we have covered on land. Techniques we cover in intermediate classes are:

  • Angled take offs and trimming
  • Forehand and backhand turns
  • Generation of speed
  • Correct board positioning
  • Surf rules & etiquette
  • Correct wave positioning for take off

Once comfortable with these, we suggest moving on to our advanced level coaching, or a trip out to a different break!