Rap Your Mojo was found out because of difficulty to deliver our surf lessons to individual students. That’s why our beginner lessons advance at your pace – we understand that everyone learns at their own speed. It’s also why in our intermediate and advanced lessons we take more of a coaching role. We know that you have the skills, you might just need a little more confidence, or slight direction. In these sessions we pay attention to the skills and correct any mistakes as they come up and build up new skills as able. We believe you improve quicker the more waves than before, which is why we keep our class in small sizes to keep your wave count up.

We hand-pick our instructors to make sure you get the very best learning process. Most of the instructors began surfing before they could swim, and have grown up surfing these waves. They’ve been selected for their wealth of surfing knowledge, skill and best teaching experiences in some of Bali’s top surf schools, They are looking forward and excited to pass their ‘wealth of surfing’ to you.

We’re really proud of our instructors and their dedication to keep you safe while having fun out in the water.